T O - T H E - T R A D E D E S I G N E R T E S T I M O N I A L S

Susie P. - Georgia

The team at Miko + Boone Home is like an extension of my own business. Not only does working with them open up access to lines I'd otherwise not have and better pricing than I'm able to get on my own, but it offers me resources like status updates, samples, and the most precious thing of all--time! Because of them, I'm able to focus on my design work and less on the logistics of the job; freeing me up for more work and better productivity. Not only is working with Miko + Boone Home helpful practically, but they're incredibly kind and pleasant to work with all around! They've been a game changer for my business!

We have been enjoying the support of Miko + Boone Home since 2016. The advantages they offer design firms like ours are instrumental in helping us earn more profit and work more efficiently. When we don’t meet the minimum for a vendor. It’s not a problem. They combine our order with another design firm’s order and we never miss a beat. Since they get showroom pricing we get a better price by ordering through Miko + Boone. If that’s not enough every Monday afternoon we get a status update on all our orders. This doesn’t cost us a dime. The staff is dynamic, hardworking, and conscientious. We have found that our business has grown as a result of partnering with Miko + Boone Home.

Mona R. - Georgia

As a 2 decade designer I have seen it all. The good, the bad and the ugly. Truly. Finding a resource to help facilitate the challenges in the business of interior design, can be a gigantic challenge. I have found Miko and Boone has been a remarkable asset to my business! Their professionalism, communication and commitment to design and business excellence is second to none. They make my job easier and help me be more profitable. Thier prompt, pleasant, and thorough communication is so refreshing in today’s fast paced world. No matter the situation, their can-do attitude is always present. I’m so grateful to partner with them!

Kasey G. - New Hampshire

Making Miko and Boone Home a part of my design "team" has made a huge difference in the efficiency and profitability of my business.  When I started my business about four years ago, I was purchasing retail for my clients or my clients were doing their own purchasing and I was making no mark-up, had little control over my process and I didn't have much in terms of unique merchandise to offer..  I love that Miko and Boone sells a long list of vendors at various price points and they have a beautiful design center where I can go to see fabric and finish samples.  Their trade pricing allows me to purchase items often at or below my own designer price direct from vendors.  By working with M&B, I also get the added benefit of their excellent customer service.  They are extremely responsive to questions, orders, shipments and damages.  They also make the order and payment process very easy through their automated systems.  In addition, I have gained a much greater knowledge of the design world through M&B's Gather for Design events and Highpoint market tours.  Can't say enough about Amy Ferrer and her team!  Not only are they great to work with, they are an amazing group of people. 

Heather B. - Georgia

Pam F. - Kansas

I’m a designer in the Kansas City area and I’ve been working with Amy and her team at Miko and Boone for years. I highly recommend them for all your buying needs for many reasons. I can not say enough great things about the team. Amy has picked up so many lines that they are basically a one stop shop!  I get furniture, lighting, bedding, art, etc. and their website is very user friendly.  Most importantly, by using Miko and Boone my profit margin is much greater versus using local retail stores. In addition to that, her team is great at getting back with me in a timely manner on all my quotes as well as keeping me updated on my order status. I get weekly reports regarding shipping!  Who does that!?  In a word... they are “Fabulous” to work with. It makes my job much easier!

Working with Miko and Boone has been one of the best things that has happened to my interior design firm.  All of the staff are fabulous to work with.  Vendor quotes are promptly received and the ordering process is so smooth!  I love the status updates that keep us all up to speed. Amy Ferrer and her team are a delight!  I can't say enough wonderful things!

Leslie P. - California

Miko + Boone has been an integral part of my interior design business. From the first order I placed with Miko + Boone, the process has been simple and seamless. If there has been any issue with an order the wonderful team has handled it quickly and efficiently. I am not sure i'd be able to handle all my client orders and handle to logistics of it all without them. 

Gina B. - Massachusetts

I just wanted to tell you all that I really appreciate all of you. I recently had to place two orders with other vendors because you don't carry those lines, and honestly, the services I received compared to your services, it's like night and day. They were quick to respond before the order, but once they've been paid, responses are slow, I have no idea when my items are supposed to arrive, phone calls and emails go unanswered, and forget about having issues resolved......Of course, I don't need a bad experience to know you ladies are just pure awesome, but the stark contrast makes me appreciate you and all that you do that much more. You make things so much easier for me as a designer and the value you provide us designers has been transformative to my business. Knowing that there is a lovely, reliable, caring team behind all the quotes, ordering and products means so much to me and I can imagine, anyone you work with. So a big THANK YOU to you all, my business wouldn't be the same without you! 

Sandie M. - Georgia

As an independent interior decorator I have worked with Miko and Boone on multiple projects whether it be a large amounts of furniture or a small accessory order they have always had great customer service and anytime there has been any issues (damages, back orders etc)they resolve them promptly. I look forward to continuing working with them in the future! 

Courtney P. - Kansas

Anna B. - Georgia

From my quaint hometown in Roswell, GA, Miko & Boone has served as a trusted resource for us in Trade. Their attention to detail upon every part of the transaction is unmatched, caring about not only the order procurement but being invested in the backend of all operations in terms of order fulfillment, logistics and serving as a liaison between us and the manufacturer when problems arise. Each one at Miko & Boone handles every situation with grace and ease.  It bring me much joy to be able to work alongside a company in my hometown.

Holly B. - Georgia

I visited the design library to source a project for the first time today, and everyone on your team was so kind. They all introduced themselves, and checked in on me throughout my visit. I love the welcoming, encouraging atmosphere y’all have created and am thankful to have this wonderful resource so close to home. ️